Future IBD en Parelsnoer

The Future IBD falls under the responsibility of Prof Dr D’Haens and Dr Anje te Velde, whereas the nationwide Parelsnoer biobank is coordinated by Dr Mark Löwenberg.

Future IBD
In this biobank-study we are  developing models which predict response to different therapies in IBD. We investigate biomarkers, cell types and microbiome collected from patients with IBD, before treatment is started  and during treatment with established therapeutic agents.

The eventual goal is hence to establish predictive models that would allow to identify which patients would ideally receive which treatment and to shorten ‘time to remission’.
In the regular protocol we collect  extra biopsies, blood en faeces.

The Parelsnoer Institute (PSI) is a unique Dutch scientific project in which the 8 University Medical Centers collaborate on a set of specified disease areas, including IBD. The IBD pearl aims to develop a biobank of IBD patients with extensive phenotypic information, DNA, tissue, serum and fecal samples.

The availability of these data and biosamples will enable future large scale studies focusing on possible associations between genetic profiles and phenotypic manifestations of IBD and response to therapies. The biobank might also be useful for the development of novel therapeutic agents. Each IBD patient treated in one of the 8 UMCs will be invited to participate in this project.

For more information please visit the PSI website: www.parelsnoer.org


AMC local coördinators:
Prof Dr Geert D’Haens, Mark Löwenberg, Jitteke de Jong & Yara Abeling

National coördinators IBD pearl:
Prof Dr Gerard Dijkstra (UMCG), Dr Mark Löwenberg and Florien Toxopeüs (UMCG).