Clinical and translational research

Clinical and translational research is the ‘core business’ of the Academic Medical Centre.

Given the many interest areas related to IBD, we have divided our researchers in teams with each an individual focus. However, there is a close interaction with frequent meetings to enhance each other’s insights and to stimulate scientific exchange.

Fundamental and translational research of (gastro-) intestinal diseases is concentrated at the Tytgat Institute for Liver and Intestinal Research. The clinical research is supervised by Prof Dr Geert D’Haens, Dr Mark Löwenberg and Prof Dr Cyriel Ponsioen.

Surveillance and cancer is being investigated by Prof Dr Evelien Dekker,while the surgical projects are steered by Prof Dr Willem Bemelman and Dr Christiane Buskens and imaging projects by Prof Dr Jaap Stoker.

The Future IBD falls under the responsibility of Prof Dr D’Haens and Mrs Anje te Velde, whereas the nationwide Parelsnoer biobank is coordinated by Dr Mark Löwenberg.

Clinical Trials

New treatments are typically investigated in clinical trials. We have a special clinical trial unit for this purpose that is supervised by Ms Maartje Holsbergen and 8 trial coordinators/data managers, where at any time more than 10 new medications are being tested.
These clinical trials are either sponsor initiated studies or investigator initiated studies for both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
Many projects are still ongoing and/or actively enrolling. Patients interested to participate can always take contact with trial unit at